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(This is the view from just above and behind my home in Port Orchard looking west according to Google Earth.)

code('Perl') || die;

For all posts I make to PerlMonks, I hereby stipulate that they all share in the "official" merlyn authored disclaimer. In addition, they may or may not have tested code, may or may not be of any measurable value, and may or may not contain spelling errors. Use at your own risk.

I'm the owner of a handful of companies:

Monks I Have Worked with Professionally

Here's a list of monks I've worked with professionally.

Monks I Have Met in Person

Here's a list of monks I've met in person. Obviously, this list doesn't include the other monks mentioned on this page who work for me or are getting mentored by me.

*I drank beer with this monk.
**I bought this monk a beer while drinking beer.
bI owe this monk a beer.

I'm sure there are others I'm missing from this list.