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Hi, I'm Jacinta Richardson. I'm not really known for my work on any open source projects, although I have worked on some of them. I'm not really notorious in Perl either - although I'm certainly working on that.

I've been working with Perl since early 1998 and so almost managed to avoid Perl 4 entirely. I have to say almost, because I bought a Perl 5! CGI book soon after I started learning Perl and it was Perl 4 code and styles with some vague mention of my and local. It was horrific and I never looked at it again. It certainly didn't encourage using any Perl modules for CGI programming.

To pass the time and keep the money coming in I develop and teach Perl courses with pjf at Perl Training Australia. Our rates are quite reasonable, so tell all of your friends to look us up, next time they're in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, or Malaysia. ;) Of course, you're welcome to look us up too.

As you might have guessed from pjf's chicken poem we have chickens at home. They're rather stupid, but lovely creatures. We used to have a rabbit, but no more.

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