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"When you refuse to set goals that seem unreachable, you will never reach them." -Zinn

Stuff I wrote

Module Favorites and/or honorable mentions:

WWW::Mechanize, XML::XPath. Text::Balanced, Devel::Peek, Module::Corelist, Module::Release, DBM::Deep, Tie::File, Math::Units::PhsyicalValue, Benchmark, Net::Server, MIME::Lite (html), Net::SMTP::OneLiner (quick text), HTML::Table::FromDatabase, File::Slurp, IPC::System::Simple


This is potentially useful in many different situations: m/blarg/ and m/\Gelseward/

I always mean to use this, but forget about it: perl -MO=Deparse

This is like bash -x s‎crip‎, but for perl: PERLDB_OPTS=AutoTrace perl -d s‎crip‎

Pike's previous_object() is sadly missing from perl... or is it? previous_object()

Devel::EvalError seems to indicate that checking $@ for eval errors is going to fail some of the time.

bart points out possibly the coolest thing I've seen (as a side comment) yet: $+

use warnings FATAL => qw(uninitialized); Not something I'd use very often (I'm more of a common::sense kinda guy), but I can see potential value in it.

Modules I mean to look at but haven't

What is this Coro module? (found in 714778).

Who is loading this page? HTTP::BrowserDetect pulled from this post: (id:605732).

wfsp has pointed out HTML::Template, which I think I might really really like.

I should really re-write FoxPro::DBF (never published) to be like (or use, or extend) DBD::AnyData or at least fit in the DBD namespace somewhere (around AnyData I imagine). (ref)

I have a huge library of roll-your-own CGI stuff that I use. Recently I started looking at more modern alternatives. I mean to try to use CGI::Application eventually. It's really neat. That necessarily implies the use of CGI::Application::Plugin::Session, since I really like (and already use) CGI::Session. I disliked CGI::Session::Auth after careful examination... If you have any other suggestions, /msg them over please.

Sub::Contract and Class::Contract both seem really neat. Must check them out.

Monks I know IRL

“Important” Dates

Random Junk

The JBlue CSS was originally my creation — but it was not done in css way back then.

If you go Skydiving in Michigan. Be sure to let me know. Um, actually if you've ever done even a single jump, let me know. I'd like to know who the skydiving Perl Monks are.

The same thing goes for go players: stop by the KGC for a game of go. If you'd like to simply play me online (slowly), contact me on DGS.

Guy Fawkes Webring

If you were born on 11/5, msg me or swampyankee to get in on the webring. It's a circular linked list.

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