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Jenda, I have set my buffer to the highest setting Windows XP SP3 will allow. I need an unlimited buffer, but more importantly I need more fine tuned control on selecting text in the command prompt window. Currently to select text, I have to right click, then position the cursor where I want my selection to start, then hold the left mouse key down as I select the text. It is okay when all the lines I want are currently visible, however, if the beginning is two or more screens full upwards, my right pointer finger gets tired holding the left mouse button down while I try to get everything in the select field. I have yet to find keyboard controls for the selecting of text at the command prompt. So, I would prefer to have a text file where I have finer control over what I select to copy then paste into a bug report. Another thing, even if my command prompt window were full screen, some text still inevitably be out of view to the right.

Even standard error messages scroll off to the right. Instead of telling me what's wrong, then the line number, THEN the file name plus path (which I most likely already know); the error messages always put the line number on the end of the error message string which I have to right scroll to read.

With command lines being so long in Windows command prompt, I do as little as possible there. Example below.

C:\Documents and Settings\me\My Documents\fantasy\working\Role_playing +\Player_characters>

Working in the above directory gives me only 49 characters before scrolling right. Not much room left to do anything which does not scroll to the right.

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Re^3: When cpan returns the dreaded "won't install without force"
by ig (Vicar) on Sep 04, 2013 at 15:43 UTC

    You can customize the command prompt in Windows. You might like to try:

    set PROMPT=$G

    Note: there is a trailing space on that command - not easily seen.

    Try help PROMPT for more options (at least in Windows 7, I don't have access to XP to see that it works there)