in reply to Does Perl Have a Business Plan?

Perl (the community, the language, the organizations) certainly did not have any "business plan". Or strategy. Or even a goal.

I started to think about this shortly after the YAPC::EU::2012 in Frankfurt. Or to be more precise after my impressions from that event and then Matt S. Trouts "State of the Velociraptor" speech.

The 1st talk I gave on that topic was at the LPW2012 and then the "kind-of-keynote" at the German Perl Workshop in March 2013 in Berlin (not yet online). At the talk in Berlin a goal was proposed and as the talks topic was "Umrisse einer Perl-Strategie" (outline of a Perl-strategy) we had some discussions about that also. During the three days of the GPW a bunch of people did form - The Perl Propaganda Mongers. Oh, and there will be another talk at YAPC::EU::2013 in Kiev "HowTo: Perl as the most popular scripting language".

Perl certainly needs a goal and a strategy. And as far as we at are concerned, we have a goal (Perl as the most popular scripting language). Also a strategy. The biggest challenge? Educate parts of the perl community about what is important and what not. Of course also sustain the Sh*tstorm this may^H^H^H does invoke. - Not just another Perl Mongers Group.