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OK truss is beyond me (for the time being!) I have sent the files to Sam. If anyone else is interested in looking at them I have put them on a site
the tarball decompresses to a truss/ directory with two truss outputs - one with strict commented out from the script and one with the strict left in (truss.out.strict_on)
I assumed these would be useful for comparison
dan (god I love this site :))
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Re: Re: Re: perl 5.6.0-5.6.1 upgrade problem
by mugwumpjism (Hermit) on Aug 07, 2001 at 18:50 UTC
    It looks like it's loading it correctly:
    18076: stat64("/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/sun4-solaris/strict.pmc", 0 +xFFBEF068) Err#2 ENOENT 18076: open64("/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/sun4-solaris/", O_ +RDONLY) Err#2 ENOENT 18076: stat64("/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/strict.pmc", 0xFFBEF068) Er +r#2 ENOENT 18076: open64("/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/", O_RDONLY) = 4 18076: brk(0x00104800) = 0 18076: fstat64(4, 0xFFBEC950) = 0 18076: brk(0x00108800) = 0 18076: ioctl(4, TCGETA, 0xFFBEC8DC) Err#25 ENOTTY 18076: read(4, " p a c k a g e s t r i".., 8192) = 2624 18076: brk(0x00109800) = 0 18076: brk(0x0010A800) = 0 18076: read(4, 0x0010480C, 8192) = 0 18076: llseek(4, 0, SEEK_CUR) = 2624 18076: close(4) = 0

    You can see at the top of the snippet (from truss.out.strict_on) that it is trying to "stat" and "open" in different locations, and the last one succeeds (returning a file handle number, 4). The following lines show perl reading in the file and closing it again.

    Did you actually get an error when you ran the script with truss? You really need to stick the truss in the place where the script is giving you the error.

    Update: He found his problem. It was permissions on the directory was in.