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I don’t know anything about the job-situation in India, but I would sort-of agree with jeffa.   It sounds to me like you’re looking for “any port in a storm” and trying to convince yourself that you will be happy.   And, maybe, rushing through the job-search process.   Sure, we all want a paycheck ... but will you be happy?

Don’t be entirely put-off by the fact that back-end jobs are asking for “years of experience.”   They could well be just trying to deflect the “front-end developer” types whose entire experience to-date is Drupal and CMSes ... “not relevant, and they don’t know it,” but as you do know.   Every job is filled by a hiring manager who makes a considered purchasing decision.   If you are qualified and interested, don’t be afraid to try to make the sale.

And, as they say around here, “this might be your first rodeo, but it won’t be your last one.”   This is not the only job you’ll find or the only interview you’ll go to.