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i m trying to execute API , having log of .pm file inter linked with each other. itl also have a file which contains all modules list, which is needed to execute api.List of modules are:-

use Apache2::Request(); use Apache2::RequestRec(); use Apache2::RequestIO(); use Apache2::Filter (); use Apache2::Const -compile => ':common'; use WWW::Mechanize; use SOAP::Lite; use Parallel::ForkManager 0.7.6; use Time::HiRes qw(tv_interval gettimeofday); use WebService::Solr; use Digest::MD5; use YAML; use HTML::Obliterate qw(extirpate_html); use LWP::ConnCache; use Data::Serializer; use CHI; use HTML::Form; use HTTP::Request::Common; use Knimbus::Connectors::Utils; use Knimbus::Connectors::Utils::Records; #use Knimbus::Connectors::Utils::ParaSearch; use Knimbus::Connectors::Conf::Configuration; use Knimbus::Connectors::Conf::Authentication;

i already installed all modules. And when trying to execute main .pm file. its giving internal server error on browser and

[Tue Jul 16 15:54:40 2013] [error] [client] Illegal field na +me 'APR::Table=HASH(0x225279c8)' at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/SOAP +/Transport/ line 103.\n [Tue Jul 16 15:54:40 2013] [error] [client] 500 Interna +l Server Error at /home/abc/ line 27.\n

i used soap lite and i already installed soap lite module. Please help me out, is there any other requirement to execute .pm file, which i m missing

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Re: not able to run API(.pm file)
by Anonymous Monk on Jul 16, 2013 at 10:51 UTC

    For some reason, the code you're running is trying to use the string 'APR::Table=HASH(0x225279c8)' as http header, which isn't allowed

    So, ask the person who wrote the program to fix it, no one else can help you