A while back I forked Term::ReadLine::Perl making Term::ReadLine::Perl5 because of the former maintainer's lack of responsiveness regrading my patch to add GNU Readline history and general lack of responsiveness overall.

Term::ReadLine::Perl purports to be a "pure Perl" version of GNU ReadLine. It can use, but does not require, Term::ReadKey. With this issue it seems that more hacking is needed when Term::ReadKey is not available.

Right now Term::ReadKey is recommended. But putting a dependency on Term::ReadKey would simplify the code, and that is much needed. That makes this less code less "pure" Perl.

Looking at the CPAN Testers reports, seems to be pretty much available on different OS's and is somewhat actively maintained.

Any thoughts on turning a "recommends" into a "requires" for Term::ReadLine::Perl5?
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Re: RFC: Term::ReadKey Availability and requiring it in Term::ReadLine::Perl5
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 27, 2013 at 00:48 UTC
    Makes no difference I think :/ OTOH, your bug-cue-link is 404:)
Re: RFC: Term::ReadKey Availability and requiring it in Term::ReadLine::Perl5
by Tanktalus (Canon) on Nov 02, 2013 at 15:08 UTC

      Sorry for the late reply. A quick scan at the link doesn't make it obvious for how one would test against Term::ReadLine::Event.

      If you are someone else works up some test code, I'll look into adding those tests to the Term::ReadLine::Perl5 distribution. You can even use Test::More since existing tests now use that.

      Failing that, some sort of concrete code sketches of what you specifically want to test would be helpful. It's all in the details!

      Thanks in advance.

        The basic question is: are you event-friendly? There are examples in TRLE that show how to use TRL with those event handlers. You can use these examples and modify them to use your TRL class (export PERL_RL=Perl5 is probably sufficient) and see that they continue to work. The select.pl example doesn't require any other event modules, so might be the easiest to start with, but if you have any of the other event models installed, you can try them as well. The events work somewhat with Term::ReadLine, and work better with ::Perl and ::Gnu, I'm just curious as to whether they work with ::Perl5 :)