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I think I've found both of your tickets, which, when logged in, I can see. So the question there is - what email account is your bitcard associated with? Your gmail account? (Mine is connected to my cpan account which has made things easier when changing email addresses - just had to point the bounce to the new email address and everything continued to work as before.) Just double check that. (Since you've not posted identifying information, I won't post any, either.)

As to how to interact - just reply to the emails in your email client (whether that's gmail or your IMAP client or whatever). As long as you leave the subject alone, it should get routed correctly. You don't need to sign up for the p5p mailing list, though I've found it handy in the past. (I'm currently sitting with 885 unread emails in that folder, so, um, I'm a bit behind.)

And I've not been able to figure out how emails in the list work. There's something asynchronous going on - how can someone respond to your email prior to moderation accepting it so that they can receive it and respond? :) I've seen responses to others' emails where I don't receive the original post for a day or three after I receive the response. Time travel does exist, at least on the p5p mailing list!

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Re^2: [Slightly OT?]: p5p, perlbug and
by marto (Cardinal) on Jan 04, 2014 at 11:21 UTC

    Tanktalus, thank you for your reply.

    As stated my Bitcard account uses the same email address I used to post to p5p. When multiple people are involved in a thread and I reply to one of them, it doesn't get posted to the list until after moderation, so rather than time travel or people responding to post I've made without my mail being displayed. Perhaps I didn't explain that as well as I should.

    I have asked to clarify my suspicion that membership (even digest) negates the moderation step. I'll also raise the question with the Bitcard admins. Once I have confirmation either way I'll update the thread. Thanks again.