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After implementing your above suggestions, here is what the file name/index list looks like:

File: Record Size: Last Record: Data Byte Count: 68256 Index Names: bulkconf_index, bulkcard_index, _deleted_record_index, g +iftname-number-end, giftname-org-key, _deleted_record_index, _deleted +_record_index, card_index, giftcard-hist-key, giftcard-hist-sold-key, + _deleted_record_index, giftbal_index, _deleted_record_index, pr-chec +k-index, _deleted_record_index, card_index, giftdon_number_index, gif +tdon_cat_index, giftdon_location_index, _deleted_record_index, print_ +req_index, _deleted_record_index, _deleted_record_index, ob-key, com_ +index, _deleted_record_index, chg_index1, date_index, store-index, 1, + zip_index, vzip_index, gift-number, gift-date-redeemed, _deleted_rec +ord_index, reasons-index

It looks like it is collecting all of the index names in the file, but not associating them with a file name. As far as the number in the data byte count field, I can't tell where that is coming from, as none of the numbers match it. The output I am trying to get would ultimately look like:

dfs01.out File Listing ..list of file names here.. File Name and Index List File: %demoulas_prod#d01>ccdem>files>gift-bulk Record Size: 100 Last Record: 18912 Data Byte Count: 100 Index Names: bulkconf_index, bulkcard_index, _deleted_record_index File: %demoulas_prod#d01>ccdem>files>gift-name Record Size: 177 Last Record: 54756 Data Byte Count: 6022779 Index Names: giftname-number-end, giftname-org-key, _deleted_record_in +dex etc...

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