Hrm, after posting my oneliner as anonymous the last time (cluebie :/) I decided it was a bit to obvious, showing of print in the end. so I rewrote it using eval, and made sure it works with use strict & perl -w in the process.. qw stuff is a pain with -w :/

perl -we'use strict;my$e=sub{split(m,;,,qw(160;162;151;156;164)),retur +n(join("",map(chr(oct),@_)))};while($e!~m#/#){$_=qw[0=VAY(&UU<W],$@=" +0@=V4@=V%I=,)+",$_=join("",$_,$@),eval(&$e()."(chr(32)x(rand 69),unpa +ck(qw/u/,\$_),\$/)")}'