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I like it. Makes it easier to find good content on the site. Should get some SEO prioritization as kind of an index into Perl Q&A. I think needs targeted title and meta description html elements on the Illuminations page if you want to improve SEO. Should already get a boost since it will get more links. I would love to help organize Categorized Questions and Answers page. There are already good examples of categorized nodes like Discipulus library and eyepopslikeamosquito.

Also you have some content that is kind of related, the Tutorials section. It links to Q&A index pages like QandASection: database programming, but the main Q&A Categorized Questions and Answers meh. Once you click on a topic, (Example: QandASection: arrays) It is kind of overwhelming to me, hopefully illuminations looks better as it becomes more populated with Good Questions. Maybe just some spacing between the questions or paginated.

AI bot! With just Illuminations for answers

PerlMonk Oracle: Good Morning, Perl Wisdom Seeker. What can I help you with?

SOPW: shuffle array

PerlMonk Oracle: ... I have found illumination: How do I shuffle an array?

Hard to beat Google for searching for something that simple. Bots are too annoying maybe. It's difficult to know what to do without seeing the traffic to pm and referring web sites, kind of just guessing. Might be nice to have a way to organize your own "Illuminations" per user, I use Personal Nodelet, but mine looks a bit like spam at this point.

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Re^2: RFC: Better Best Answers Gets Real
by jdporter (Canon) on May 17, 2019 at 16:15 UTC

    I'm glad to see someone thinking so far ahead. Let's revisit your ideas further down the line, when this basic functionality is finished and well established.