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I’m going to echo what Laurent_R said. I checked my history from today and I’ve got 257 one liners there. Everything from–

perl -E 'sleep 60 * 115; qx{say "Dishes are done."}' # to ack '(quote|trade)_time' ~/ | perl -nE '/(\d+)/ and say $1 +' | sort > ~/sorted

I think the disconnect is because WIN is a terribly crippled environment. I personally cannot understand how anyone puts up with it. Even the PowerShell… The funniest part is how often jeffa used to accuse me of being a M$FT shill because I defended Perl use on WIN as being good for Perl. I doubt he hates WIN even as much as I do but it’s none of my business what other people use and the more chairs at the table the better. But I digress; widely, wildly. :P Point is, I’m not even that good with the shell or with sysadmin stuff in general and knowing just a handful of commands and pipe techniques makes me drastically more productive than someone who doesn’t.

TL;DR: I encourage you to explore one-liners and for sure try ack.