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I took over last hour of cb from another monk whose service disappeared, when tye asked me to do so. Even cbstats was me taking it over from mojotoad back in 2010 when his service disappeared as well. Both were "clean-room" implementations, but if you looked at the code, you might not think it was that clean :) - since my care of last hour of cb started after that point, it's not been some decades - it's definitely been less than one decade :)

Both of these run from the same database - since I already had the database for cbstats, I think tye thought it natural to ask me to produce last hour of cb when the previous owner disappeared. Thus, yes, cbstats was affected. Though I didn't think that was as important to point out :)

It only took three attempts for our local cable company to get me hooked up - so now it has, and service has returned to normal. I hope. If not, I guess I'll find out later.

Based on the numbers I have, cbstats / lhocb have missed 165 messages.