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G'day Takamoto,

I see you've used the tagConfigure() method here (and twice in your follow-up post). I'd say you're on the right track with that; however, you probably want the 'sel' tag. See the Tags section of the Tk::TableMatrix documentation.

"... set the color ... when a cell/row is selected/in focus/highlighted (I do not know how to express it, sorry)."

I can understand that it may be difficult to use the exact terms for something that you're unfamiliar with; unfortunately, that becomes a problem when trying to provide an answer.

I think Tags is what you want. There are other options that you may find useful. Those listed under "STANDARD OPTIONS", such as -highlightbackground and -highlightcolor may serve your purpose (see Tk::options for their documentation). Also, the Tk::TableMatrix option -invertselected might be sufficient for your needs.

If you read through the documentation, you'll probably find what you want; in addition, by doing this, you'll learn the terminology. As an extra bonus, tags are used by other widgets so you'll also learn principles you can use elsewhere, e.g. Tk::Text; the same applies to other areas such as Indices.

— Ken

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Re^2: Tk Tablematrix set color of selected row
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 07, 2020 at 09:42 UTC

    Thank you, Ken

    Oh, it was as simple as using the 'sel' tag!!! This simple line does exactly what I wanted...

    $t->tagConfigure('sel', -bg => 'lightyellow', -fg => 'black');