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I can only buy 1 as of now, but I need something that covers a lot of material, and also a book that teaches Perl the correct way
Well, if you can only buy one, perhaps the classic Programming Perl because it is over 1000 pages in length! :) Much shorter, at less than 300 pages, is the excellent and free Modern Perl by chromatic. Why is Modern Perl so short? chromatic explains:

Modern Perl assumes you're already decent at programming, so it elides some basic stuff in favor of explaining how Perl works from philosophy to programming in the large. Learning Perl assumes you've never programmed before, so it spends more time on the basics, covers less of the language, and doesn't explore the philosophy of Perl in as much detail.

-- chromatic (author of Modern Perl) comments on the philosophy behind his book (see also excellent reply by xdg)

Modern Perl also tends to be kept more up to date with the latest version of Perl than Programming Perl.

Book questions come up often enough that I keep a list of similar nodes here.

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