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The following code duplicates your new problem. I am using a memory file to simulate a disk file because I can show exactly what is on it. I am redirecting the output to STDOUT so we can see it. There is only one long line of output because you 'removed' the newline along with the comma.
use strict; use warnings; use autodie; my $simulation = \do{ 'field 01' . ','x79 . 'field 80,' . "\N{LF}" .'field 01' . ','x79 . 'field 80,' . "\N{LF}" }; *OUT = *STDOUT; my $OFFSET = -2; # second last chracter (the ',') in $line my $LENGTH = 2; # replace 2 charactrers (',' and \n) my $REPLACEMENT = ''; # replace specified characters with nothing open IN, '<', $simulation; while(<IN>) { my $line = $_; my $number = () = $line =~ /\,/gi; substr($line, $OFFSET, $LENGTH) = '' if ($number > 79); print OUT "$line"; } close OUT; close IN;

In this case, you should only delete one character, the last comma. (Change $LENGTH to 1) Why do you think you should delete two characters? Is my simulation wrong? How? It does assume that you are on a *NIX system. On other systems, perl's IO Layers hide the difference. Your loop should be identical.