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"I use snake case because it is more legible to me."

Note that snake case has always been the de-facto, unofficial standard for Perl code since forever. I develop in numerous languages, and typically stick with what the language norm is. That way, others who read, use or work on my code will be familiar with whatever language the code is written in. If they add to my code, they'll typically write using the language 'standard', and I'm far less likely to get variations.

There's not much worse than having a source file with functions or variables where some are like_this and others are likeThis or even LikeThis. Inconsistency makes code harder to read, and harder to understand when looking at it from a distance.

In Perl, AllUpperCamelCase represents a package name. snake_case represents variables, functions and methods. ALL_UPPER_SNAKE or ALLUPPER is often used for env vars and constants.