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our clients are expected to have this version available to be able to run our software
You seem to have a significantly different business model and customers to us (I'd be interested to learn more about your business model BTW).

Our customers are not technical, could not care less about Perl (and we would not trust them to install Perl or CPAN modules) ... so we bundle a specific Perl version, along with all CPAN modules we need, in such a way so as to not interfere with the system Perl - as described in my reply to putting perl and modules in your source code repository. This approach ensures our software works-out-of-the-box, even without root permissions, and even on systems that do not have Perl installed. It further simplifies support because it is easy to set up test environments in our office identical to what the customer is using.

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Re^2: Out-of-the box Perl version - lowest common denominator
by kcott (Bishop) on Jan 15, 2021 at 13:29 UTC

    G'day eyepopslikeamosquito,

    The business side of things is not really in my purview.

    To give a rough idea, think of some Perl module that wants minimum versions of Perl, a libxxx, and some RDBMS. If I wanted to install that module, the expectation is that I have sufficient technical nous to install the dependencies (but without requiring any in-depth knowledge of any of them).

    — Ken