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Ill ask the Microsoft team to look into the cell formatting..

If that's the conclusion you drew after reading my post, I didn't explain myself in a way you can understand.

I am sure that the "Microsoft team" has formatted the cells to look like what the end user wants to see the data, to hide precision that the end user doesn't need to see, or what have you. Formatting cells happens in every practical spreadsheet.

The problem is that you need to figure out whether your Perl program needs to use the underlying data or the displayed value, then use the accessor method that is documented to get the appropriate one:

If you are going to be doing any calculations with the data in Perl, then you probably need to use the unformatted() method. Only if you want to make a report of some sort that uses the same formatting as the Excel spreadsheet should you use the formatted display that you get from the value() method.

If you still don't understand or don't know which you really need, then you probably need to have a talk with whoever defined the requirements for your Perl project, and clarify the needs of whether you should be working with the underlying data or whether you should be working with what the Excel spreadsheet displays. If you aren't understanding the difference between the cell's underlying data and value that Excel displays, ask the "Microsoft team" to show you where the 0.153 and 0.15 are inside Excel, and ask meaningful questions of them if you aren't understanding the difference, or why there needs to be a difference.