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How tightly coupled to mod_perl are you? In my experience, there are far, far better options out there, and the Perl community in general kind of winces when people bring up supporting mod_perl.

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Re^2: New version of Mod_perl
by adamarc (Initiate) on Jan 29, 2015 at 21:34 UTC
    My site is a high traffic site that uses mod_perl only for the following reasons:
    - performance since all code is precompiled
    - persistent database connections (DBI is overloaded by Apache::DBI to do this)
    - good UTF8 support
    - code does not need to be rewritten. It overloads the CGI object

    I've considered the following modules:
    FCGI: does not support multi-byte chars properly (it is not Unicode aware and only characters within the range 0x00-0xFF are supported)
    FastCGI: no persistent database connections. UTF8 support?
    Plack: requires refactoring of the code. I couldn't find persistent database connection support in the man pages.

    Did I miss a solution? Thank you for your reply. I'm curious to find out about your thoughts.