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I wrote this yesterday but decided to roundfile it as I have with a few replies Iíve started to you. You pushed my buttons on a cranky night so itís backĖ

You speak as if enthusiasm for Perl6 is somehow anti-Perl5. I made around twenty commits to six disparate Perl5 repos yesterday and had pull requests accepted for the CPAN pull request challenge and had pull requests made of me in the same period. Iím knee deep in real Perl5 every single day.

What Tux and hackers like him think matters and is a good barometer that the reports of the death of any Perl have been at least slightly exaggerated. He maintains a very important module. CSV still makes a lot of the information world go round and Tuxís (and othersí) work makes Perl one of the best choices possible there. His interest in porting it is exciting and a great reflection on the improved situation. Perl6 is usable for me now.

Everything is risk. Wasting time is risk. Failing to invest time is risk. Perl6 is fun. Most languages are not. I learned to program when I was 10 but gave it up for many, many years. Perl5 being fun is why I came back to it and have a software dev job instead of being a manager for half the pay at some national chain. Fun matters. Fun drives extra hours into projects and enthusiasm with peers. Fun drives experiments.

Now, why should what you think about this matter? What have you contributed to Perl?

Iíve yet to see you answer a single technical question here correctly and you normally never even bother. You donít have a good grasp of beginner Perl5. You make statements like ďCVS eq gitĒ or The odds of an actual collision for a 7-digit random number are so astronomically small that I quite frankly would not bother to check for it with a straight face. Perl5.20 isnít 100% backwards compatible with Perl 5.4. I donít even think Perl 5.6 is.

Iím begging you this time. Reconsider your participation here. In a world where everything really is risk, taking your guidance seems to be one of the riskiest strategies of all and I donít plan to roundfile any more replies.

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