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Downvoted. I have no sock-puppets so itís just the one. You make an accusation without proof based on emotional response and you cite as evidence a monk who has to my knowledge never once answered a technical question with code correctly in seven years, frequently flogs horses, constantly conflates Perl Monks social mores with dungheaps like HuffPo, and gives dangerous, insecure advice under the guise of expertise informed by decades of experience. I began to nearly always downvote this monk in the last few months because the content of posts is usually either of no or negative technical merit and and the social contributions are generally either confused or misplaced or exactly opposed to my compass. I was somewhat shocked recently to see a genuine contribution here that was worth an upvote: Re^2: access array of values without a loop.

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Re^5: PM Leveling Guide.
by chacham (Prior) on Mar 06, 2015 at 02:54 UTC

    I don't know if it counts as an accusation when i did not name the user. Sundial is an excellent example because he gets voted down so often. I'm not sure the regulars see his posts objectively anymore.

      His posts are upvoted more often than they deserve based on nothing more than geniality, hand-waving, and fluffy technical pronouncements, not the reverse. I think monks see more objectively now having lost the benefit of the subjective doubt over time and repeated proofs.

        I think you are both right. Many have come to more accurately perceive at least a general lack of specificity. A few have started to demonstrate a zealous assumption of profound incorrectness that I have seen miss the mark on a few occasions.

        - tye        

      I'm not sure the regulars see his posts objectively anymore.

      For the sake of argument lets say they do not -- does it make a difference? I guess that it does not

      IIRC I've seen maybe 5 semi-on-point responses that appear to have helped the OP in some way ... out of the last 500

      Thats a horrible ration, and I don't even vote

        You're so cute when you post "anonymously." :)