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His posts are upvoted more often than they deserve based on nothing more than geniality, hand-waving, and fluffy technical pronouncements, not the reverse. I think monks see more objectively now having lost the benefit of the subjective doubt over time and repeated proofs.

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Re^7: PM Leveling Guide. (perception)
by tye (Sage) on Mar 06, 2015 at 18:37 UTC

    I think you are both right. Many have come to more accurately perceive at least a general lack of specificity. A few have started to demonstrate a zealous assumption of profound incorrectness that I have seen miss the mark on a few occasions.

    - tye        

      Yes, Iíll buy that. Itís a matter of street cred though and thatís fair. Iíll upvote something purely technical from BrowserUk or ikegami or you or eyepopslikeamosquito or a lot of other monks even if I donít fully understand it because I like voting and I have confidence based on past performance, andóandóthese are monks who when confronted with a mistake or corrected on a code interpretation will accept it, mark it / fix it, and absorb the lesson and never push the issue to the fore on the same terms. Itís hard to ever be upset with anyone genuinely in the process of moving the ball, any ball, forward. I vote on social content too and that part is as subjective as I wanna be. Did I mention ď:PĒ?

      A few have started to demonstrate a zealous assumption of profound incorrectness ...

      Assuming the cap fits; I've picked apart and highlighted the flaws, fallacies, misunderstandings and outright falsehoods from enough of his posts going back several years; that I've arrived at the point of "assuming profound incorrectness" on certain subjects -- threading, memory, sorting, random numbers, syntax; to sum up: programming -- but it doesn't stop me reading what he writes, carefully, before either downvoting or denouncing it. Or both.

      But, with the monastery's approval -- which basically means yours -- I'll return every downvote I ever took from him, from my own tally, on one condition: he posts a single, complete, non-trivial, working Perl(*) program that he has written. How hard could it be?

      Update: And just to keep things honest; it has to be an appropriate response to a new SoPW.

      (*)I'd say, any language, but let's keep it focused.

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