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A few have started to demonstrate a zealous assumption of profound incorrectness ...

Assuming the cap fits; I've picked apart and highlighted the flaws, fallacies, misunderstandings and outright falsehoods from enough of his posts going back several years; that I've arrived at the point of "assuming profound incorrectness" on certain subjects -- threading, memory, sorting, random numbers, syntax; to sum up: programming -- but it doesn't stop me reading what he writes, carefully, before either downvoting or denouncing it. Or both.

But, with the monastery's approval -- which basically means yours -- I'll return every downvote I ever took from him, from my own tally, on one condition: he posts a single, complete, non-trivial, working Perl(*) program that he has written. How hard could it be?

Update: And just to keep things honest; it has to be an appropriate response to a new SoPW.

(*)I'd say, any language, but let's keep it focused.

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