in thread My favorite {soda|pop} is...

Yes, I have a question regarding STONEY TANGAWIZI.

What exactly do they put in it? For you seem a very happy chap amidst all the shit we are currently experiencing, and I thank you for bringing a smile to my face, even if you didn't mean to.

Azatoth a.k.a Captain Whiplash

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Re: Tangawizi
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 02, 2002 at 00:11 UTC


    I was just searching the Internet for "Tangawizi", when I first came to this site and then found another you might want to check out:

    It tells you how to "brew" your own Tangawizi - I didn't try it yet, but I definitely will...

    As I think "Stoney" has a touch of "Sprite", another thing worth trying would be to add ginger extract to "Sprite".

    I hope I could be of any help,

    Martin, Germany

by Anonymous Monk on Mar 30, 2002 at 21:37 UTC
    I am not sure what goes into Stoney Tangawizi. I still have not been able to find any in the States.
      Hello, On my way back to Kenya this summer. Reminiscing and of course thought of "Stoney." When I returned from Kenya 6 years ago I called Coca Cola to find out where I could buy it. They said Kenya. I told them, "Have you tasted this stuff? It's delicious." They had, agreed with me and told me that I would have to go back to Kenya to get some. Going back to work with my Christian missionary friend, but sure will be glad to get a Stoney.
        You can get Stoney at the Coca Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, GA. They don't have bottles of it, but there's an area where they have fountain dispensers of all their flavors from around the world. So you can at least get a taste of it. Enjoy.
        have you found any way to buy it in the states yet?
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 17, 2013 at 02:17 UTC
    I had some of this wonderful beverage in Nimule, South Sudan! I want to find some in the states. Someone told me that a friend found and ordered some but it came in cans and did not taste as good - had a metallic taste to it. I really want to find and have some shipped to me in the bottles!
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