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You’re right:   it is “another language,” and “Perl in name only.”   (There are actually several names for several projects, such as ‘Rakudo.’)   It is not an upward-compatible language, and it does not use the same runtime engine.   Truly, a different beast.

Therefore, I recommend that you treat it as you would any other language that you might or might not encounter in-the-field, and that you may or may not use on an upcoming project.   If someone wants you to work on a Perl-6 app, “get up to speed on it, double-quick.”   If someone has a Perl-5 app and wonders where to take it, I’d suggest that you keep it where it is now.   If you are evaluating a new project, treat it on its own merits as “one of several candidate languages” that you should objectively weigh and consider.

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