I know there isnt actually any really interesting obfuscation technique in here, but is it really important ?

@veg=("71", "111", "32", "86", "101", "103", "101", "116", "97", "114", "105", "97", "110", "100", "101", "13", "152", "98", "95", "90", "89", "97", "96", "70", "12", "42", "34", "45", "39", "99", "10", "165454545544", "55", "66", "77", "88", "99", "58", "11", "56", "49", "56", "63", "70", "77", "84", "91", "98", "05", "12", "15425454555", "54535335"); @eta= ("Goze afyuz ei","o r", " a", "Ve fig da zji ", "eg zeg fe", "gz er dz ", "e ta ef", "tz ek rd az" ,"ardkgjrg ","rdsfh hbf" ,"i sdf he ","a ef ds gjn","nej fe h", " a ","! ", "!" ); $g++; $i=0;foreach$v(@veg){$i++;$wo=chr($v);if($i<14){print$wo;}}print"\n";f +oreach$e(@eta){print substr($e,0,1);}

Meat Is Murder...


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Re: For cruelty free living...
by bladx (Chaplain) on Sep 20, 2001 at 08:13 UTC

    Asmo: I had to -- your latest obfu. because you are still trying to do way to many things all at once, when most of them are really similar in technique to each other. I think that you have some good enthusiasm towards this community, and that is awesome. However, keep in mind that posting many things is not always as good as posting worthy items (going back to the whole quality > quantity.)

    The only reason I bring this up, is because your posts have all been as follows: (excluding the Re's)

    I have been in your spot many times, trying to frantically do tons of stuff to get noticed, or popular, or both. (Or in the old days, trying to get more XP for some reason.)

    Overall, you seem to grasp Perl well, but keep in mind that you should consider how many things you try to post at a time ... "concentrate on your petition" as the old Monastery saying goes.


    Andy Summers
      Thx for your reply, i know this was really not original at all, i apologize for those who thinks that i just make stupid things to gain xp points or something like that...

      The truth is that i'm trying to discover new things, but when you're a newbie, and when english is not your fistr language, it's nto always very easy...

      Thx again for your support