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My car is from Canada, so i got used to some conversions. (The mph markings are too small for me.) When i need 55, i go 90. When i need 25, i go 40. I don't even need to look at the conversion cheat sheets taped near the speedometer as often. The speedometer itself is off a bit and seems moody, which allows for some needful guessing.

More recently, i downloaded a speedometer app for my Android, which works great outside of tunnels. As an odd side affect, i was shifting gears about every 20 kilometers on the speedometer (not the odometer!) and based on sound. With the phone covering most of the speedometer, i rely completely on sound.

Next time i'm in Windsor, it's just going to be weird.

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by stevieb (Canon) on Sep 01, 2015 at 15:18 UTC

    The primary vehicle I drive is from US so we're in the exact opposite situation :). Everything is miles, and like you, I find the km portion to be too small.

    We drive all over the place regularly (from Calgary to Dallas, and back, as well as across Canada), so I bought a cheap North America GPS ($99). I switch it from miles to km and vice-versa depending where I am, and it allows me to see exactly my speed without needing to look at the dash at all. it also warns me in a different colour if I'm going 5km+ over the limit, or 3m over, and even alerts on red-light cams.

      my digital dashboard display lets me choose between miles or km ... so all the same size, but still hard to see ( 90s green LCD not bright)

      Based on my experiences in the Toronto area when my sister and I took a vacation up there, I think you could just take take the number on the "Maximum" signs, pretend it's an actual true maximum (instead of slower than anyone would ever go even if driving a cement truck), and stay just slightly under that speed in mph, and I think you'd be fine. If it says Maximum 40, just stay under 40 mph. No problem.

      Or, as my sister put it, Canadians take their speeding very seriously. We literally had a school bus fly past us (on the right, no less) while we were going 10 km/h over the "maximum" on the 401. And heaven help you if you actually signal that you're planning to change lanes. The people in the other lane will move heaven and earth to close the gap and keep you out.