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Thanks for your reply, bladx. Few remarks :

I may be wrong, but aren't these catagories, already just that, catagories in existence currently?

Yes, they are. I was trying to explain how I personally divided the content of the Monastery into two main categories.

I understand what you are getting at here, but I would think it would be easier for one to point another person in the direction of the powerful Super Search rather than create a section for the "Old Node Wastelands".

I think you misunderstood my inference here - I wasn't suggesting an area called Old Node Wastelands, I was commenting on how many important nodes are sucked up by time, and only revealed to newer users by the grey-haired sages of the monastery.

Hmm, is this a rationale for this whole idea?

Sure, why not.

Thanks for your input, but when reading my posts in future, don't take me too literally. Sometimes I have a way with words that shouldn't be taken at face value :)

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