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No it does not:

$ perl -wE'my @x=`ls -1`;say $#x' 102

backticks are the equivalent of the qx operator:

$ perldoc -f qx "qx/STRING/" A string which is (possibly) interpolated and then execute +d as a system command with /bin/sh or its equivalent. Shell wildc +ards, pipes, and redirections will be honored. The collected sta +ndard output of the command is returned; standard error is unaff +ected. In scalar context, it comes back as a single (potentially multi-line) string, or "undef" if the command failed. In l +ist ^^^^ +^^^ context, returns a list of lines (however you've defined l +ines ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ with $/ or $INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR), or an empty list if t +he command failed.

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn