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In my opinion, a private message would have been just as well. I don't find such messages to be helpful, especially if you actually have no information whether help will be forthcoming or not.

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Re^4: Why the down votes?
by u65 (Chaplain) on Feb 12, 2016 at 14:39 UTC

    I can't argue against such unassailable logic: I stand corrected and will henceforth follow your excellent suggestion in such circumstances. (smiley).

      Also - personally, I think one could easily hear a slight hint of sarcasm in the "eventually" part.

      PS - Your question is very similar to a pm faq (in case you hadn't seen that yet).

      I reckon we are the only monastery ever to have a dungeon stuffed with 16,000 zombies.

      Update: Fixed fax linx. Thanx, erix!

        Nah, that's not sarcasm. This is sarcasm:

        Welcome to the monastery, jdporter !

        You slightly messed up that link, didn't you? Please consult: Markup in the Monastery