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Generally speaking, I recommend not touching the system perl. Instead, I grab the source and set it up to install to /opt/myperl/$version (I have 21 versions right now, but I think some of them are odd numbers, I could get rid of any of those). I even set /opt/myperl to be owned by my user so I can do all this without root privileges (obviously I used root privileges to create /opt/myperl and assign it to my regular user). And then I can install all the modules I want via cpan/cpanm at will. I don't have to worry about versions available in any distribution repository, and can get exactly the levels I want (usually "latest"). It also allows me to move from computer to computer usually by tarring up the appropriate /opt/myperl/version and copying it to my next computer.

And, most importantly, it allows me to not screw up the system perl :)

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Re^2: Moose for CentOS 6 (system perl)
by dasgar (Priest) on Mar 10, 2016 at 07:15 UTC

    And for those like me who are not quite up to building Perl from the source code, you can check out perllbrew.