Perhaps I wrote this cause it put me in such good company, but.....

This script that will generate a list of monks who have more XP than everyone who signed up after them. For instance George_Sherston makes the list because no one whose homenodeid is higher than 103111 has more than 1282 XP. In otherwords, he's managed to stay ahead of all the newer monks.

Although this is quite silly it does show the power of HTML::TableExtract.

#!/usr/bin/perl -wT use strict; use LWP::Simple; use HTML::TableExtract; my $maxmonks = 2000; my $monksperpage = 50; my $tinymicros = ' +start='; my $te = new HTML::TableExtract( headers => ['Rank','Node ID','Name','Experie +nce'], ); my $offset = 0; while ($offset < $maxmonks) { my $html = get("$tinymicros$offset"); $te->parse($html); $offset+=$monksperpage; } print "NodeID Name Experience\n"; my $maxid = 0; for my $ts ($te->table_states) { for my $row ($ts->rows) { my ($rank,$nodeid,$name,$xp) = @$row; if ($nodeid > $maxid) { printf("%6d %-14s %7d\n",$nodeid,$name,$xp); $maxid = $nodeid; } } }

Here is the current list:


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Re: Fastest Rising Monks
by Elliott (Pilgrim) on Oct 10, 2001 at 15:30 UTC
    Hey - I'm in a levitation club. Cool!

    Now I'll have to think how I can devise an elite club for you to join (as 3rd least significant member :-)
      Not only did you make the list, but you're the first one to bump someone else off of it.... I just ran it again and you've shaken monk_e_magic from your tail and bumped Incognito completely off the list. (the rest of the list remains the same.)


Re: Fastest Rising Monks
by Fletch (Chancellor) on Oct 10, 2001 at 17:11 UTC

    Foo. That'll teach me to sign up and then not do any posting for 8 months. :(

      *chuckle* I would be nowhere near this list if I had signed up the first time I visited..... I was a very casual lurker for almost a year before I got an account. ;-)


Re: Fastest Rising Monks
by jweed (Chaplain) on Jan 07, 2004 at 02:20 UTC
    For all who are interested, this is the programm output as of now. Interesting how things change and yet insist on remaining the same...
    Node Name XP 979 vroom 1006148 9073 merlyn 40117 17000 Ovid 38155 26179 tilly 34356 169744 Abigail-II 28753 171588 BrowserUk 25175 182681 sauoq 13164 186362 adrianh 12301 211692 pg 11818 272239 liz 8006 281137 davido 5560 287641 Roger 4647 299049 ysth 2180 300037 Roy Johnson 742 302301 jweed 659 306922 !1 550 310438 Sandy 301 315586 stvn 277 315792 oha 131 317318 ctp 109 318241 87C751 65 318627 jcavanaugh 33 318886 Alexx 4 319018 chuckles 2
    And I made the list! *giggle*

    Who is Kayser Söze?
    Code is (almost) always untested.
      You can always find the current list at homenode of blakem