in reply to TkDND with PAR::Packer

So i was bored and wanted to know more, and searched around.

The comments from Anonymous Monk and kcott seen very on target, specifically using -a rather than -l

I do still think you will need to include some sort of Tkx::lappend and Tkx::package_require statements but where should the lappend point to?

my first clue came in "A further consideration here is PAR , the tool for creating standalone executables from Perl programs. PAR lets you include data files as well as Perl code, so you can bundle a default settings file using a command such as:

pp hello -o hello.exe -a hello.conf
which will be available to your script as $ENV{PAR_TEMP}/inc/hello.conf."

But i kept searching, i may want to use pp sometime myself, and got to Pay particular attention to the sections begining "So much for program components. What if we want to put some data files intothe PAR package?" and then the section begining "So how can I access the files I added with -a or -A ?" and how the clean option modifies what is "unzipped". This will detail what you want to append to $ENV{PAR_TEMP} in the Tkx::lappend call depending on the stuff after the semi-colon in the -a option. I still suspect you will then need the Tkx::package_require('tkdnd'); call.

Good luck