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I'm definitely in. I've toyed with perl6 a reasonable amount off and on, and I have nothing but respect for those who are currently in the book-writing process for the language. I will support each of them by purchasing their books as to help them financially for volunteering so much time to the development and teaching of the language.

The authors of the books about to be published (there are four at my last count) have done a great service to the perl5 community, as well as the perl6 community. Each has their own writing style (as does everyone actually), so it'll be interesting to grab them all and get a feel for each author's style.

I have no opinion or recommendation as of yet of course (as I don't have any of the books), but I'll definitely write up a blog post as I work through each one.

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Re^2: Think Perl 6 (new book)
by Laurent_R (Canon) on May 19, 2017 at 20:16 UTC
    Thank you very much, stevieb, for your comment.

    I can only confirm that writing this book was a lot of hard work almost every evening and every weekend during more than one year.

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