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G'day pryrt,

It's been years since I last did this and I don't have MySQL handy to test; however, as I see you've received no replies in the eight hours since you posted, I'll suggest checking "DBI: bind_param_inout".

That seems to ring a bell. The text includes: "... The statement is typically a call to a stored procedure. ...". And there's links to related information, if that's not exactly what you need.

Maybe another monk with more current knowledge, or MySQL to hand, can provide a better answer.

— Ken

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Re^2: How to access MySQL stored procedures OUT parameter(s)
by roboticus (Chancellor) on Aug 31, 2017 at 16:27 UTC


    I've not tried it with MySQL, but I'm pretty sure (95%) that I used bind_param_inout a good few times with the Oracle and MSSQL drivers.


    When your only tool is a hammer, all problems look like your thumb.

      I said "It's been years"; on reflection, it's probably been over a decade. However, from subsequent replies, it looks like bind_param_inout was indeed the method I used.

      Like you, I've not used it with MySQL: I've never written a MySQL stored procedure nor had to write any DBI code to interface with one (although, I have used DBD::mysql many times over the years with plain SQL).

      I've definitely used it with Oracle; pretty sure I've also used it with one or both of Postgres and Informix; and, I think Sybase as well (although I'm less certain about that one).

      — Ken