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Reading/writing compressed pages should be possible if you write an SQLite filesystem plugin that de/compresses each page that SQLite requests.

A premade solution, if you have USD 2000 to spare would be CEROD by the makers of SQLite, which allows for compression and encryption.

I suspect that the performance of a SQLite file compressed by a standard tool will be fairly bad as I assume that SQLite relies on seeking within the file while most de/compressors assume that a file will be read sequentially.

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Re^2: Accessing SQLite databases within ZIP files
by AppleFritter (Vicar) on Oct 02, 2017 at 22:09 UTC

    Just $2000? That's spare change! (Though looking at their licensing terms etc., it's not a bad offer at all, if one has a need for this sort of thing.)

    As for my original problem, it's true that performance would likely suffer, though not if the DB was decompressed into memory and accessed there, then. That said I've just bitten the bullet and extracted the DB to a temporary file, which (all things considered) is the easiest and most portable solution.