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Despite the impression one can get when watching the news, the world has become more and more peaceful, better if you will, ever since the middle ages. Look up talks by Hans Rosling if you don't believe that.
This development is in parts due to first the invention of the nation state and later supranational organisations like EU, ASEAN, the UN and the free trade they make possible. Hence the only logical forward is even greater unity, not more division.

You want to lead us into the past and I will speak out against that, no matter the number of negative votes.


You can lead your users to water, but alas, you cannot drown them.

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Re^11: Patience is a Monk Virtue
by Your Mother (Bishop) on Nov 14, 2017 at 23:21 UTC

    Yes, the world has become more peaceful. It has nothing to do with centralized power. And giving it as a reason to justify or, better, we'll say, ameliorate, US foreign policy would require all ad hominems in the world to address adequately.

    Collectivism, what you are preaching, is all the past is; from religion to every flavor of statism and tribalism. Everyone must live for something greater, something other than herself. The extent to which a political entity is successful is the extent to which it can escape that. Freedom and individual rights can only flourish in a decentralized world where everyone can have an efficacious voice and choose for herself. But I don't suppose an idiot such as myself can fairly form cogent opinions on any topic at all really so you just go ahead and take the last word–

      I'm in now way "justifying or, better, we'll say, ameliorating, US foreign policy". In fact I condemn it totally.


      You can lead your users to water, but alas, you cannot drown them.

        Then your arguments and reading were as sloppy as your insult. The US is winning the "unity" war. I said, if the US were divided into smaller units, it would have better things to do and wouldn't have the resources or inclination to bully the world and steer and coerce its financial institutions. You said unity would magically fix everything because it's a property of unity despite the fact that every large scale attempt at it has ended in democide numbers that dwarf the Holocaust.

        I apologize for taking one more turn. You can really have the last word now because I'm getting splinters in my feet from this soapbox.

        (Update: reworded last sentence.)