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Simple, clear, one-step fixup
Yes, and absolutely the solution I would use if my real-life problem matched this simplified example of looping through an array or input stream. My code is doing the opposite: siccing an array of regex substitutions on a single string. Thus each modification has to be containable in an s///. (I can handle special cases outside this array, but minimizing special cases is a goal.)
Please don't use # as a delimiter for regex expressions
Yeah, I get that it indicates a comment, but for simple, inline expressions such as that one (a whole six characters after the tr), I like it for how it visually stands out better than most characters within a typical regular expression, making it easy to find the boundaries of each element. In code I write, all comments are set off with plenty of whitespace, so the eye won't be tricked into thinking a comment is lurking in the middle of what otherwise looks like a line of code. ("@" also stands out in many terminal fonts, but that would be true perversity.)