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It was a super long post. I wasn't trying to break anyone's scroll finger, but you seemed to address exactly what I was reaching for. I have simplified and shorter versions that I posted on github. The clone script and the main script now use only Encode. What I had to do was decode all the paths before they went into new paths.

Many of the changes were similar to this:

foreach (@ARGV) { say "before decode is $_"; $_ = decode( 'UTF-8', $_ ); say "after decode is $_"; } my ( $from, $to, $pop ) = @ARGV;

I also have now chopped out all instances of File::Slurp, File::Basename, Path::Class, and 2 others that were not to have needed or encoding/decoding. What results seems to look right: created html page

It seems to render correctly, but when I hit the css checker, it says that the file does not exist. I wonder if this is when I was supposed to use the URI escaping module.

Anyways, many thanks for your response and code post that modeled the way forward for unicode use.