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Hi, first off, you have a glaring error in your program flow. Once the line MainLoop is encountered, no further lines are processed until the MainLoop ( the Tk event loop system) is destroyed. So you never call eventGenerate until the Tk eventloop is gone, so it probably tries to run but throws an error.
#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Tk; my $mw = new MainWindow; my $label = $mw -> Label(-text=>"Hello World") -> pack(); my $button = $mw -> Button(-text => "Quit"); $button->bind('<ButtonPress-1>' => \&myexit); $button->pack; $button->eventGenerate('<ButtonPress-1>'); $mw->repeat(1000 => \&doit); sub doit { $button->focus; $button->eventGenerate('<ButtonPress-1>'); } MainLoop; sub myexit { print time."\n"; #exit; }

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