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I now have some more information.


my $Connection = new Net::XMPP::Client();


my $Connection = new Net::XMPP::Client(debuglevel=>1);

Gives debugging output. From this I can see that the problem is actually with the line


which gives the following output

XMPP::Conn: SendAndReceiveWithID: object(Net::XMPP::IQ=HASH(0x37eb8c8) +) XMPP::Conn: SendWithID: id(netjabber-2) XMPP::Conn: SendWithID: in(<iq type='get'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:rost +er'/></iq>) XMPP::Conn: RegisterID: tag(iq) id(netjabber-2) XMPP::Conn: SendWithID: out(<iq id='netjabber-2' type='get'><query xml +ns='jabber:iq:roster'/></iq>) XMPP::Conn: SendXML: sent(<iq id='netjabber-2' type='get'><query xmlns +='jabber:iq:roster'/></iq>) XML::Stream: Send: (<iq id='netjabber-2' type='get'><query xmlns='jabb +er:iq:roster'/></iq>) XMPP::Conn: SendAndReceiveWithID: sent with id(netjabber-2) XMPP::Conn: WaitForID: id(netjabber-2) XMPP::Conn: ReceivedID: id(netjabber-2) XMPP::Conn: ReceivedID: nope... XMPP::Conn: WaitForID: haven't gotten it yet... let's wait for more pa +ckets XMPP::Conn: Process: timeout(1) XML::Stream: Read: buff() XML::Stream: Read: ERROR Getting Roster to tell server to send presence info...

It can be seen here that the "Process" timed out which gives the error in my original post...but how to fix?

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Re^2: Net::XMPP module:Check for chat messages on server
by hippo (Chancellor) on May 10, 2019 at 10:31 UTC

    You can set the timeout to be as long as you like when you Connect and also when calling some of the other methods too. If the problem persists even with suitably long timeouts set then you may have a networking issue unrelated to Perl.

      Thanks, but connecting is no problem, that part works, and there seems to be no such option for the RosterGet part that I can see