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Aloha mai kakou.

I use Perl to make websites. This earns me money, at a faster rate than I was getting by lap-dancing. And I get less black eyes from disgruntled punters too. As well as keeping a roof over my head and supplying me with booze, bashment and baggy trousers, it also pays for me to go to school. I'm half-way through a MSc in Social Research Methods, and looking to start a PhD in Social Anthropology some time before too long.

Though I like Ruby a bit better these days, Perl still gives me plenty of thrill; here's a small selection of nodes :

I'm a slack bastard, and it's ages since I updated the website that I run called, which has stuff about ethnographic film, politics, design, "Nobodys Wifes" (two swedish girl's old diary), plus my weblog. So you're probably better off reading other people's pages: