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Over-staying one-hour parking limit: $13
Prohibited stopping or standing: $18
Parking facing the wrong direction on a two-way street: $44

Giving a few choice words to the meter maid/officer for the tickets: Priceless

Sorry, I just had to.

Officers and meter maids don't look at how the street is made nor its condition when filling out a ticket . Their job is to write tickets and generate revinue for the city (or if you're looking at it the way a Police officer does ... enforcing the law). If they can stick you with it they will. Those types of laws are driven by what ifs. What if some guy driving down the road saw a car parked the wrong way, either with or without its lights on and the driver of the moving car wigged out thinking the other was a wrong way driver. Yea right, we're all smart enough to know when a car is in motion and when it isn't (although I've begun to question that with the way I've seen people in Los Angeles drive). You still can't win an argument when they're using what ifs.
As far as the price goes. They charge that because they can. If you question it they'll find 10+ dozen ways justify the fine and just to embaras you and make sure you don't question them again, they'll slap on a processing, administration and handeling fee on top of it.