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I think part of the problem these days or so it seems (I'm generalizing...) is that people don't research or read documentation or try searching Google for their answers first. They like the quickness of 'jump to aid' of forums and whatnot. Some of the questions that seem to come up repetitively here are simple and really quite easily answered if one just re-reads the documentation OR search. I think it happens partly due to coding day in and day out, one often times misses their mistake. The problem is the familiarity of the code. Always good to have a second pair of eyes to take a look and see the inane error. But a second pair of eyes and opinions are not always necessary and should never take the place of one's own research and learning of the language. So, those who are new here - never forget to use Super Search or Google or re-reading of documentation first!! - Moon

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Re^2: On finding the Perl Wisdom
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Jan 13, 2002 at 08:52 UTC

    The problem, I believe, is that people are becoming less patient with actually having to think. Typing out an entire question, waiting a few hours and checking back certainly is more work than punching three keywords into a search engine and skimming the results. But it doesn't require any thought.

    That is what jxpts's suggestion of putting an Ask Jeeves like stage in addresses, and if there really was a practical way to do it I'd be all for it. As is I can only think of ways to give Super Search another (or several) more promoting spot(s), where it gently but firmly pushes itself upon people. If someone has better suggestions, by all means express yourselves.

      I completely agree. But there is also the point that bosses are getting less patient. Too many expect solutions right now. "If you can't get it done right now, I'll find someone who can." attitude.

      I luckily, haven't had to deal with this type of boss. I always go in search of an answer before posting a question, which is why I still haven't posted a question to PM ;-). I do PM searches regularly, and have used both google and to search newsgroups. It takes time, but you learn more (especially about tangent subjects) this way. A good boss knows this!

      One of the best lessons my CS prof taught in his class was to learn how to find things. He didn't want us to fill our minds with C syntax. That's only good for C. He wanted us to learn how to learn, and how to find what you need. Those skills follow you from C to Java to Perl, and even to other areas of your life. Its a lesson I don't see taught very often.... Brian