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Well I went. I got back about 1h ago. It was fun. When James (I think it was james) the head of the Silicon Valley Perl Mongers (dude from the mailing list, I think he's the head of our chapter or something, I don't really know what the hiearchy is) presented some other "prominent", namely merlyn, I got to "boo" a little (it was fun, some people looked at me, you smiled a lite IIRC ;).

I got to meet larry and merlyn, and got them both to sign my perlmonks mug (thanks to Zecho). There is one caveat though, I tested, and my permanent marker will smudge off the cup (blakem will attest to that, and I think it's due to the excellent job Zechos wife did). When I was going one, it started raining, so I had to protect the mug when walking home from the car (almost a 5min walk).

I need to know how to preserve these signatures. I don't know what to do. Can I glaze the mug?

update: on a more important side, the perl6 talk was great. It was cool watching larry correct/update his apocalypse slides on the projection screen. If you haven't read all the apocalypses yet, I suggest you do. When I talked to larry, I suggested an "emulate" keyword, so when perl6 comes out i can say emulate 5.6;, and have my scripts run the same. He looked at me like yeah, you'll be able to do that, that is what i just said, but i'm not too keen on the keyword. I participated. merlyn was a little disapointed I didn't bring my shotgun, so he invited everybody for karaoke at the tied house (if i heard right) after the meeting. Sadly, I couldn't make it (have school/work tomorrow, early).

From theh picture Larry painted (in my mind), perl6 will the language for years to come. The design of it just look kickass, even though some people might get tripped up by some simple syntaxt changes (like the '.' versus the '->'). I predict the same excitment (and level of) the common man and media have cooked up for Java these past few years will hit within 5 months after perl6 is released for public consumption. If you get a chance to hear larry talk don't mniss it (I wish somebody taped it).

update: I also got to shake dwss hand (forgot about that). I also told merlyn that mr_mischief says hi (forgot about that too).

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