Some time ago i noted what i thought was a design flaw with one of the ways Perl operates (not mentioned here so as not to spoil the obfu below). Following Abigail's advice, i've found a way to turn that flaw into an obfu :)


$_=q+(n J)->m()if!map{eval substr(q.#5'$43:t.^$^,$-,1<<3).$_.';'.(' ! &o;/=8*# /9c&<62;-'^$^x2).q.sub m{shift;..(/J/?q.print.:'$".')."'".{A =>another=>H=>'hacker,'=>J=>Just=>P=>Perl=>}->{$_}."'.".(/^H/?($;=$_) &&'$/}':($.=qq=(n $;)->m()}=)&&($;=$_)&&$.)}qw(H P A J)+,s,$/,,,eval,