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Presumably, $gd is undefined. I'm guessing that the GD::Graph::bars module is unhappy with the fact that you're trying to create a graph out of a one-dimensional set of data.

At least your data looks one-dimensional to me, based on the SQL query that you're using. You're adding a series of X values with no associated Y values. What sort of graph are you hoping to produce from this? Now if you included some Y values, maybe things would be different...


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Re: Re: Problems with references using GD::Graph::Data
by gary kuipers (Beadle) on Apr 01, 2002 at 22:09 UTC
    You are right! When I use X and Y values ( by saying SELECT SysID, SysID FROM ..." the graph prints without problems. I made a bad assumption ... that the module would provide a sequential X value. Not so! Anyway, thanks!